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By Sam Witter on 7th September, 2016


A common problem that most of my clients have as well as myself is a lack of time! Getting to the gym after a busy day at work for an hour’s session can be difficult with family and work commitments and an ever-increasing busier lifestyle. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

The good news is that you don’t need a gym to see good results and you certainly don’t need an hour to get the benefits of exercise.

If finding time to train is a problem do not worry, a 20-30 minute workout is actually more effective than grinding out an hour run or a 2 hour low intensity gym session.

The theory behind this is if you can do an activity, for example the cross trainer for an hour, then it is easy in nature. The stress it is having on the body is minimal because you are able to do this at a low intensity for a long period of time.


Low intensity training is only good for burning calories while you are actually exercising.

As where high intensity training also know as HIT (this is 20-30minutes of intense exercise bursts with short rest periods) gets you results without all the time spent in the gym. Watch my short exercise video taking you through a workout to try at home. So no gym needed and you can even do it outside and top up for vitamin D…

45 seconds burpees…….. 15seconds rest
45 seconds press up…….. 15seconds rest
45 seconds walk out…….. 15seconds rest
45 seconds battle ropes…….. 15seconds rest
45 seconds side plank…….. 15seconds rest

This way of training is highly effective because you stress the body with short intense bursts of exercise, which creates a much higher metabolic affect in the body. You burn more calories while training as you will be working at a higher average heart rate and you body is requiring more fuel or glycogen to keep going.

So not only do you burn more calories while working out, but you can continue to do so for up to to 48 hours after.

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Sam Witter

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