The Perfect Body

By Sam Witter on 29th September, 2016


For most girls being lean and developing a great looking bum and legs is high priority, it’s becoming trendy to have a well developed and toned bottom.

Cutting down on calories and starting to jog is the traditional approach many girls take. This doesn’t work!

Eating high protein, low carb and moderately high good fat is the nutrition part. Exercise-wise, stay away from cardio and get yourself to the free weights area.

I have listed my top 3 exercises to help females get the perfect bum and leg tone.

1) Deadlift- Great exercise for the gluteus (bum) and hamstrings (back of the legs). Don’t be afraid to go heavy it won’t give you big muscles, just make sure technique is good.
2) Squat- Predominantly hits the quadriceps and glutes, use weights that allow you to go all the way down resting your bum on your heels .
3) Walking lunge- Again works the glutes and quads, range of motion is again important make sure you’re getting a 90 degree bend in the lead leg.

For guys developing a six pack is always at the top of the list, so most do endless sit-ups!

Doing 100 sit-ups a day will not get you a six pack. Nutrition is key. Eating a high protein (over 200g a day), low refined carb, high vegetable and moderately high healthy fat intake is the way to get results.

Good carbs should only be eaten after intense exercise. High doses of Omega 3 also help to break down umbilicus fat.

Keeping your nutrition on track is key but these abdominal exercises will help with stomach development:

1) Hanging garhammer
2) Sit up and press with bar
3) Side planks

I will be putting each of these videos on my Instagram so keep posted over the next few days.

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Sam Witter

Sam Witter is a personal trainer and nutritionist who has helped celebrities such as Coleen Rooney and Mel C achieve their health and fitness goals.

A love for sport and fitness growing up led him to pursue a career as a personal trainer. As he developed his knowledge of the way the body works, he became more and more interested in hormone and bio-signature analysis and the different hormonal effects of certain foods on the body.

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