Your Guide To Summer Eating

By Sam Witter on 31st May, 2016

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Eating well over summer can sometimes be hard, nice weather and the temptation to have a drink after work in the sun is testing. You are also more likely to socialize in summer; eating out and weekends away are more frequent, all which make it harder to stick to your healthy eating plan.

But with beach holiday’s nearing and your summer being a lot more revealing, it is important that you stay on track and don’t undo all your hard work.

My clients struggle with this, just like you might so here are my top tips to help you keep on top of your summer body:

  • Keep your food interesting– ensure lots of variety with your food through the week. Not only will this help to keep you on track as it keeps your meals exciting and you looking forward to them while you are getting all the macros, vitamins and minerals you need. To help you stay focused and your food exciting, I have put together a summer eating E-book with my top tips to get your beach body and 15 healthy recipes that you will love. To make life even easier I have colour-coded the recipes to help you figure out when you can eat a few carbs and when to just stick to protein and greens. Take a look (insert graphic and link).
  • Eating out– I always tell my clients not to look at my plan as a diet because it’s not, it should be a lifestyle change. So you don’t have to stay in when all of your friends are going out, but be sensible with your choices instead of picking a club sandwich and chips, instead go for the chicken salad.
  • Summer drinks- A nice cool beer is tempting in the sun, but beer is one of the worst drinks for you, it is high in sugars and calories so try to stay away from beers and sugary cocktails and go for gin and tonics, prosseco or champagne and red wine.
  • Consistency is key– If you have had a cheat weekend when it comes to food, then on Monday you need to be straight back on track. A lot of people have an all or nothing mentality “I’ve cheated at weekend so I may as well carry on now”-Push this thought out of your head, think of your beach body and get back on track! We are all human and have moments of weakness but getting back on track after is what counts and keeps you in good shape. Your nutrition should be ‘good’ and clean day in day out, with the odd cheat here and there.

So the take home message is still have fun in summer and enjoy going out but keep these tips in the back off your mind.

Check out my E-book for some exciting summer food inspiration.

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Sam Witter

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