Meals Guaranteed To Burn Body Fat

By Sam Witter on 2nd May, 2016


We all know that exercise will shed those unwanted pounds and eating the right foods is good for us. But let me put this into perspective, have you heard the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’?

The first step in starting any transformation, whether it is to drastically change your body shape or to fit into that old pair of jeans, there is one place that you need to start and that is in the kitchen…

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It is the food we eat that determines our body shape and aids fat loss. You are probably now thinking; ohh nooo, not bland, dry food with no flavour! Well let me stop you there, we have developed over 100 exclusive recipes that not only taste delicious but have been specially designed to increase your metabolic rate and keep your body burning fat.

Certain foods have a very high thermogenic effect, which means that you are burning calories as you chew! Our recipes keep your fat storing hormones low and fat burning hormones high. You should also see a positive effect on sleep and energy levels should improve.

A few rules of thumb to follow to keep your metabolic rate high;

  • Stick to whole and natural foods, your body burns double the amount of calories breaking down whole foods compared to highly processed foods. Such as organic meats and green vegetables.
  • Foods high in protein such as meat, fish and eggs have a high thermogenic effect: You actually burn around 30% of the calories in these foods during digestion (so a 400 calorie chicken breast uses about 135 calories to break it down).
  • Drink green tea throughout your day, as this powerful antioxidant rich tealeaf contains a compound that temporarily speeds up your metabolism after drinking it.
  • Try adding spicy foods into your diet. The element that gives chillis their heat is called capsaicin and this speeds up your metabolism by creating heat generation, raising the body temperature when consumed.
  • Take Omega-3 to maintain an efficient metabolism and aids the bodies ability to lose weight

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Sam Witter

Sam Witter is a personal trainer and nutritionist who has helped celebrities such as Coleen Rooney and Mel C achieve their health and fitness goals.

A love for sport and fitness growing up led him to pursue a career as a personal trainer. As he developed his knowledge of the way the body works, he became more and more interested in hormone and bio-signature analysis and the different hormonal effects of certain foods on the body.

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