How To Eat Sweet Food Without Gaining Body Fat

By Sam Witter on 5th July, 2016


Do you have a sweet tooth?

Sugar is now widely accepted as being unhealthy. It raises your blood sugar levels and if you are not exercising and using sugar for energy then the body will store it as fat. It’s that simple.

Do you also find that you can’t just have one of your favourite sweets or just half a chocolate bar?

This is because sugar stimulates your appetite and why it’s so addictive, which is why you will often find yourself having that full bag of sweets when you intended to just have a couple. This binge eating of sugary foods is one of the biggest causes of obesity.

Like most people you will probably want to avoid sugar. But if only it was that easy!

Sugar is now added to everything to make it taste better. We have become a sugar-addicted society. Sometimes you will think you are making a good choice when in fact you are doing the opposite as many ‘healthy’ low fat foods now have added sugar.

Here are some basic principles to apply to stop the sugar cravings.

Sugars and sweeteners

  • Table sugar – is a mixture of glucose and fructose, which provides lots of short-lived energy in the body and causes a huge insulin response. To put it simply, eating too much sugar will make you fat.
  • Fructose – is the sugar found in fruit. If you are on a low carb diet looking to lose body fat then your fruit intake needs to be limited. The body can handle a certain amount of fructose so one piece of fruit is OK. Eating more than that, 2-3 pieces a day, will overload the body with sugar and trigger fat storage. Substitute your fruit for green veg and get all your nutrients and vitamins without the sugar.
  • Artificial sweeteners – you may have heard of aspartame. This is an artificial sweetener often considered to be a miracle by most people. It makes food taste great without the added calories. Perfect, right?… Wrong! A wealth of evidence shows that artificial sweetener interferes with blood sugar management which triggers fat storing hormones. By eating foods containing these harmful sweeteners you are damaging your body by sending signals to the brain to store fat. This will mess with your metabolism and increases the risk of many diseases. The bottom line here is to avoid foods that contain these artificial sweeteners.  These sweeteners are often found in diet fizzy drinks and low fat processed products such as yoghurts.

So what are healthy sweeteners?

  • Stevia – is a natural calorie-free sweetener that comes from the South American stevia bush.  It does not cause an insulin response and actually helps with blood sugar management. Buy it from Amazon.
  • Argave nectar – is another natural sugar free alternative made from an argave plant. This does not raise insulin levels and has no effect on fat storage.

If you have a sweet tooth then make the switch to these alternative sweetners. They are much better for you and will give you that sweet fix that you are craving.

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Sam Witter

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