How do I get a six pack?

By Sam Witter on 11th August, 2016

How do you get a six pack? This is a question I get asked almost everyday, my answer is always the same “I can tell you what to do, but it’s you who has to do it”.

A client of mine who has constantly smashed the targets we set for him is Brad, I have mentioned Brad before in one of my blogs and spoken about his transformation last year.

This year Brad said he wanted to increase muscle and go away on holiday this year with 6 pack abs, we had 7 months, so we got to work! You can see from his before after pictures that he got there!!!

Below I have given you 5 tips to help you get beach ready.


  • Have a high protein target – Protein helps maintain lean muscle mass and increases metabolic rate. Metabolic rate put simply is how quickly your body burns energy or calories. Protein is used by the body for repair and growth, so when looking to gain muscle having a protein goal of around 200g a day is needed.
  • Change your programme every 2-3 weeks- You do this by changing your workouts through exercises, sets, reps, tempo and load. This change in stimulus keeps your body guessing and adapting so you gain strength, lose fat and build muscle.
  • Train to failure- There is a big difference between just “going to the gym” and training hard. People don’t like pain and training hard should hurt…not in a bad way, don’t do anything stupid, but if you are doing 10 sets of 10 German volume training programme pick a weight that is going to hurt towards the last few sets. Failing during a gym session is allowed in fact its good as this means your body has to adapt quicker.
  • Try eccentric training- Eccentric training is where you make the downward phase of any movement slower than the upward movement. For example lowering the barbell down on a bench press very slowly for 10 seconds would be called a 10 second eccentric. This is great for muscle building as it keeps the muscle under tension for a longer time and stresses the muscle more than having a short eccentric.
  • Avoid steady state cardio- Steady state cardio will cause a break down in muscle tissue. Stick to intense intervals and strong man training. For example 8 x 200m row with a 2min rest between sets.

Apply the tips above with a high protein diet and careful intake of “good carbs” and you to can achieve your goals just like Brad has.

I also like to use different supplements with my clients depending on their goals and individual needs. Taking supplements can be confusing so I have set up a call line so can give me a ring and ask any supplement related questions you have. Click Here to visit the supplement call line page.

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Sam Witter

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