By Sam Witter on 24th August, 2016


Calorie is a word we all know. This small word leads to lots of debate and differing opinions.  Calories are a measure of the amount of energy in foods.

The traditional approach to weight loss was to eat fewer calories than are used by the body resulting in a reduction in weight. People saw a marked difference using this approach and many people still think this is the most effective method.

A more recent method is the paleo approach; this is based on natural wholesome foods with limited processed foods and sugars consumed.

With the intermittent fasting “five two” approach these three are probably the most popular.

So what is the best approach?

I am not a fan of calorie counting as many people use this as an excuse to eat “empty calories”. If your body requires 2000 calories a day to function and you eat 1500 calories then, yes, you will lose weight as you are in an energy deficit. But where are these calories coming from? You could eat 5 Mars bars a day and hit your 1500 calorie target, but your sugar intake would be sky high and your body would be deficient in nutrients.

Empty calorie foods spike your blood sugar and make you insulin resistant resulting in fat storing and an increased risk of diabetes.

The paleo approach has some great principles; natural wholesome foods that the body is predetermined to eat cause a low insulin response and provide the body with the macronutrients needed to stay fit, healthy and in good shape. The principles are simple, if it comes from the environment we can eat it, fish, meat, fruit and vegetables as well as natural fats.

So in my opinion a paleo diet is the best approach. If you want to lose weight eat sensible food portions that provide the body with the energy and macro nutrients it needs.

An example day for Sam

Breakfast- 4 scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and spinach

Snack- half chicken breast with avocado and spinach

Lunch- Chicken and halloumi with quinoa salad

Snack- Apple and nuts

Dinner- Home made chilli con carne on a bed of spinach

Depending on your goal and your activity levels during the day your macro nutrients should differ, but this is a typical food day for me.

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Sam Witter

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