Burn Fat and Reduce Fat Storage with this Simple Rule at Breakfast Time

By Sam Witter on 14th March, 2016

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The word breakfast means exactly that ‘Break Fast’. People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I’d have to agree.

Here’s why:

The first meal the day dictates a hormonal response that informs the body to either store fat or burn fat for the rest of the day.

Eating cereal, toast and other carbohydrate-heavy foods will tell the body to store fat and make you crave sugar and carbohydrates all day long.

Eating a protein rich breakfast will set your body up to burn fat by increasing your metabolism and keeping your blood sugar levels stable. Not only will you be burning fat, you will also have more energy, less hunger pangs and have better skin and hair.

So, what tips can I give you for your breakfast?

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Here are some of the recipes that I’ve created as part of The Tri-Plan program:

1. Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon
2. Omelette with chicken and peppers
3. fried eggs with 2 organic bacon and tomatoes

What you drink is also very important.

Don’t undo all the good work with sugary, processed drinks. Avoid fruit juices as they are packed full of sugar. Stick to black coffee, green tea and water.

Dairy milk is also a no-go as it is highly processed.

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Eating breakfast is an extremely important part of your health and fitness routine and eating the right foods will help you to reduce body fat and feel great through the day.

Watch the video of me making a healthy cooked breakfast.

All the best


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Sam Witter

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