Brad’s Success Story – From 20% Body Fat To 6% Body Fat

By Sam Witter on 24th May, 2016


When I meet a new client, the first question I ask is ‘what do what to achieve by training with me?’

Everyone has their own personal goals and aspirations, but the difference between success and failure is lifestyle. I encourage my clients to see training as a hobby rather than a chore and they are more likely to achieve their goals. I train everyday and eat well most of the time not because I have to but because I want to. You are more likely to succeed in achieving your goals if you are having fun and see them in a positive light rather than having the negative view of training as something you ‘have’ to do.

By way of example I introduce my client Brad. I have trained Brad for 2 years. The personal goal which he set for himself was to reduce his body fat from 20% to below 10%. He smashed his goal last year by getting down to 6%. This year he wants to push himself even further, his main goal being to pack on some lean muscle and get his body fat percentage down to 5%.

I analysed Brad’s body fat last week to see where he is up to and he is well on track weighing 88kg and 10% body fat. He has put on a stone of muscle so the focus now is to get him down to 5% body fat. We will do this by a few changes to his diet and training plan and will update you on his progress.

I am confident that whatever goal Brad sets he will get to his target as he has adapted his lifestyle to achieve it! He is highly motivated and committed as he enjoys the thrill of achieving his targets.


What Brad has to say…

“I have been training for years but have always struggled to get in great shape. I lifted weights and thought I ate well but when I met Sam he changed what I was doing completely and I saw a huge difference in just 6 weeks.

He changed my nutrition and put me on a plan to eat carbs in and around training and cut back on them through the day, we also made lots of small changes that made all the difference.

I never thought I would be under 10% body fat but I got into great shape within 8 weeks, just in time for my holiday in Ibiza.”

About Sam Witter

Sam Witter

Sam Witter is a personal trainer and nutritionist who has helped celebrities such as Coleen Rooney and Mel C achieve their health and fitness goals.

A love for sport and fitness growing up led him to pursue a career as a personal trainer. As he developed his knowledge of the way the body works, he became more and more interested in hormone and bio-signature analysis and the different hormonal effects of certain foods on the body.

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