Are you making progress?

Progress is a nice positive word, everyone likes to make “progress”, especially when it comes to our health and fitness. Those 6am gym sessions and downing fish oil has to pay off right? It still amazes me that in a world driven by results and statistics that so many people

Fitness Myths

There are so many myths in the fitness industry that leave people confused and misinformed. The industry is always evolving and new ideas and methods being brought forward. But there is no easy way. Going back to basics and staying consistent will get you long lasting results. 1) Low intensity

The Perfect Body

For most girls being lean and developing a great looking bum and legs is high priority, it’s becoming trendy to have a well developed and toned bottom. Cutting down on calories and starting to jog is the traditional approach many girls take. This doesn’t work! Eating high protein, low carb

Training On The Move

A common problem that most of my clients have as well as myself is a lack of time! Getting to the gym after a busy day at work for an hour’s session can be difficult with family and work commitments and an ever-increasing busier lifestyle. There just aren’t enough hours

Social Awareness

A problem my clients face when trying to stick to the plan I set them is social events. Going out and socialising seems to be when most people deviate from their fitness routines. Having the odd cheat meal is acceptable, but you need to know when to stop, don’t over



Calorie is a word we all know. This small word leads to lots of debate and differing opinions.  Calories are a measure of the amount of energy in foods. The traditional approach to weight loss was to eat fewer calories than are used by the body resulting in a reduction


The top 4 supplements everyone needs

Taking supplements is a controversial topic, even if you eat a well-balanced whole food diet the chances are there are still nutrients that you lack. The supplement market can be very confusing, often leaving people wondering where to start. In order to help I have set up a Supplement Helpline


How do I get a six pack?

How do you get a six pack? This is a question I get asked almost everyday, my answer is always the same “I can tell you what to do, but it’s you who has to do it”. A client of mine who has constantly smashed the targets we set for

slim lady holds a tape measure around her waist

The effect of hormones on fat storage

Your body is a fantastic mirror. Why? Because it’s shape reveals what is going on inside of you. According to extensive research, where you deposit your body fat paints a clear picture of how your hormonal system is functioning. Our hormones control just about every metabolic event that goes on


Are toxins making us fat?

We are exposed to harmful toxins every day. Toxins come from various sources, from food to tap water. The bad news is they are damaging your health and your good looks! Toxin build up has also been linked to serious illnesses such as cancer and can destroy important body organs

sam witter training in the gym

Intensity of exercise

Working in a gym environment most of the day means that I see lots of people come in and out of the gym every day. But how many of those people are actually working at an intensity that will have an effect on their health and or body shape? I


Does stress affect your health?

Good health isn’t just how fit you are or how good you look on the beach, health covers a wide range of areas and one area that has a significant effect on your overall health and well being is stress levels. Stress is on the increase with day to day

sam witter in the kitchen

Your Guide To Summer Eating

Eating well over summer can sometimes be hard, nice weather and the temptation to have a drink after work in the sun is testing. You are also more likely to socialize in summer; eating out and weekends away are more frequent, all which make it harder to stick to your


Are carbs bad for you?

Carbohydrates have had a lot of bad press in recent years, and we know that eating too many carbs leads to fat storage but carbohydrates are not always the enemy! Yes, carbs do lead to fat storage but only when eaten to excess, at the wrong time of the day

Sam’s body changing leg exercises

Today I am going to explain the most effective leg exercises that not only build and shape your legs but also benefit the whole body! Our legs contain the largest muscles in the body and when these huge muscles are trained our whole body has to work hard. The leg


Meals Guaranteed To Burn Body Fat

We all know that exercise will shed those unwanted pounds and eating the right foods is good for us. But let me put this into perspective, have you heard the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’? The first step in starting any transformation, whether it is to drastically change

Sam Witter with his bicycle

The Importance Of Goal Setting

Why do you get up and go to the gym at 6am in the morning? Why do you go for a 5 mile run in the rain? Setting goals is so important to help you to stay motivated. I have always enjoyed pushing myself and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

How To Warm Up Correctly And Avoid Injury

Going straight into exercise, especially lifting weights, without warming up can not only result in injury but inhibit your workout. I like to call my warm-ups with clients “corrective exercise”. General day to day activity such as sitting down at a desk, driving and carrying the shopping all lead to


It’s Finally Here… The Tri-Plan Has Arrived!

Hi, Sam Witter here… I’m delighted to announce the launch of my Tri-Plan – a revolutionary new health and fitness programme that has the power to change your body, and your life. As a specialist in celebrity weight loss, I’ve been training the stars for years, providing them with personalised