Are you making progress?

By Sam Witter on 26th October, 2016


Progress is a nice positive word, everyone likes to make “progress”, especially when it comes to our health and fitness. Those 6am gym sessions and downing fish oil has to pay off right?

It still amazes me that in a world driven by results and statistics that so many people don’t seem interested in their own health statistics, surely they are the most important stats of all?

I have a little saying with my clients “if you’re not assessing you’re guessing”, without monitoring where you are up to how do you know if you have made progress or not? This might be measured by body fat or a 10k running time, but we have something to work on and beat and next time, hopefully, there will have been that all important progress.

Tracking and monitoring progress not only shows how we are getting on but acts as a great motivator for a couple of reasons:

1) I am a bit of a stats geek so when I go out on my bike, for example, I have a few different gadgets monitoring my performance from speed and heart rate to how many times I turn the pedals in a set period of time. This makes me want to get out on my bike so I can analyse my performance and see improvements.


2) When you see improvement it keeps you focused, being told you have improved or beaten your last score makes all the hard work worth while.

So if you just go into the gym a few times each week because that’s what you have always done, or go for a run, set yourself some targets and measure your performance.

I have a great way to check your overall health with a free health checker I have developed. Fill this in every 6 weeks or so to see your improvements. We also have lots of cool tools to help measure yourself as you start your fitness journey on Go and check them out.

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Sam Witter

Sam Witter is a personal trainer and nutritionist who has helped celebrities such as Coleen Rooney and Mel C achieve their health and fitness goals.

A love for sport and fitness growing up led him to pursue a career as a personal trainer. As he developed his knowledge of the way the body works, he became more and more interested in hormone and bio-signature analysis and the different hormonal effects of certain foods on the body.

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