Are you making progress?

Progress is a nice positive word, everyone likes to make “progress”, especially when it comes to our health and fitness. Those 6am gym sessions and downing fish oil has to pay off right? It still amazes me that in a world driven by results and statistics that so many people don’t seem interested in their […]

Autumn has now arrived, many people lose motivation around this time of year, social events increase, training becomes less and less and client’s diets usually take a turn for the worse. A desire to look good on the beach is a thing of the past and motivation to train hard and eat well becomes more […]

There are so many myths in the fitness industry that leave people confused and misinformed. The industry is always evolving and new ideas and methods being brought forward. But there is no easy way. Going back to basics and staying consistent will get you long lasting results. 1) Low intensity exercise burns more fat? Many […]