The Perfect Body

For most girls being lean and developing a great looking bum and legs is high priority, it’s becoming trendy to have a well developed and toned bottom. Cutting down on calories and starting to jog is the traditional approach many girls take. This doesn’t work! Eating high protein, low carb and moderately high good fat […]

Breakfast stands for “break fast”, when we are sleeping the body is fasting for at least 8 hours, this time is used for recovery and repair. The first thing we then eat is very important as this has a significant hormonal effect, determining if we will burn fat, how much energy we will have and […]

A common problem that most of my clients have as well as myself is a lack of time! Getting to the gym after a busy day at work for an hour’s session can be difficult with family and work commitments and an ever-increasing busier lifestyle. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! The good […]

A problem my clients face when trying to stick to the plan I set them is social events. Going out and socialising seems to be when most people deviate from their fitness routines. Having the odd cheat meal is acceptable, but you need to know when to stop, don’t over indulge and pick your cheat […]