Calorie is a word we all know. This small word leads to lots of debate and differing opinions.  Calories are a measure of the amount of energy in foods. The traditional approach to weight loss was to eat fewer calories than are used by the body resulting in a reduction in weight. People saw a […]

Taking supplements is a controversial topic, even if you eat a well-balanced whole food diet the chances are there are still nutrients that you lack. The supplement market can be very confusing, often leaving people wondering where to start. In order to help I have set up a Supplement Helpline where you can make an […]

How do you get a six pack? This is a question I get asked almost everyday, my answer is always the same “I can tell you what to do, but it’s you who has to do it”. A client of mine who has constantly smashed the targets we set for him is Brad, I have […]

Carbs are a very controversial food group with so many different opinions out there it leaves people feeling confused and unsure which foods they should eat. Carbohydrates are not all the same, in fact the foods that make up carbohydrates are more diverse and varied than any other food group. I try to help my […]