The effect of hormones on fat storage

Your body is a fantastic mirror. Why? Because it’s shape reveals what is going on inside of you. According to extensive research, where you deposit your body fat paints a clear picture of how your hormonal system is functioning. Our hormones control just about every metabolic event that goes on in the body and hormones […]

When starting a new lifestyle plan, it is important to remember a few key tips that will make all the difference. Yes it is very important to eat well and live an active life, but that isn’t all.  Why so many people fail to lose fat and get the results they want is because they […]

Keeping your children fit and healthy is not only important to prevent illness but also to help them grow and develop physically and mentally. The brain stops developing in the early twenties and the body stops developing in males at the age of twenty and girls at the age of eighteen. Research has shown that […]

Do you have a sweet tooth? Sugar is now widely accepted as being unhealthy. It raises your blood sugar levels and if you are not exercising and using sugar for energy then the body will store it as fat. It’s that simple. Do you also find that you can’t just have one of your favourite […]