Peter’s Amazing Fitness Transformation

When I first met with new client Peter I asked him what he wanted to achieve in our training sessions. He replied “I need to lose a couple of stone and feel healthier” In truth he needed to lose 4-5 stone, massively improve his diet and change his lifestyle. Peter was 20 stone, in our […]

We are exposed to harmful toxins every day. Toxins come from various sources, from food to tap water. The bad news is they are damaging your health and your good looks! Toxin build up has also been linked to serious illnesses such as cancer and can destroy important body organs such as the liver. Check […]

Working in a gym environment most of the day means that I see lots of people come in and out of the gym every day. But how many of those people are actually working at an intensity that will have an effect on their health and or body shape? I would say that less than […]

Good health isn’t just how fit you are or how good you look on the beach, health covers a wide range of areas and one area that has a significant effect on your overall health and well being is stress levels. Stress is on the increase with day to day life becoming more hectic. Dealing […]