Your Guide To Summer Eating

Eating well over summer can sometimes be hard, nice weather and the temptation to have a drink after work in the sun is testing. You are also more likely to socialize in summer; eating out and weekends away are more frequent, all which make it harder to stick to your healthy eating plan. But with […]

When I meet a new client, the first question I ask is ‘what do what to achieve by training with me?’ Everyone has their own personal goals and aspirations, but the difference between success and failure is lifestyle. I encourage my clients to see training as a hobby rather than a chore and they are […]

Carbohydrates have had a lot of bad press in recent years, and we know that eating too many carbs leads to fat storage but carbohydrates are not always the enemy! Yes, carbs do lead to fat storage but only when eaten to excess, at the wrong time of the day and when eating the wrong […]

Today I am going to explain the most effective leg exercises that not only build and shape your legs but also benefit the whole body! Our legs contain the largest muscles in the body and when these huge muscles are trained our whole body has to work hard. The leg exercises below have a huge […]

We all know that exercise will shed those unwanted pounds and eating the right foods is good for us. But let me put this into perspective, have you heard the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’? The first step in starting any transformation, whether it is to drastically change your body shape or to […]