Top Five Tips To Get Your Perfect Beach Body

Most of you will be going on holiday this summer and will want to look good on the beach. This isn’t going to happen overnight. Realistically, you need to start 8-10 weeks before you go away to see a noticeable difference to your body shape. Below are my 5 top tips to get in shape […]

Why do you get up and go to the gym at 6am in the morning? Why do you go for a 5 mile run in the rain? Setting goals is so important to help you to stay motivated. I have always enjoyed pushing myself and feeling a sense of accomplishment. This started from a young […]

Goal setting is a really important part of achieving results in health and fitness. I spend time with my clients setting challenging goals which will help them to lose weight and become fitter. A goal should always be specific. For example, ‘I would like to lose 2kg in 3 months’ or ‘I would like to […]

There are thousands of vitamin supplements available on the market these days that all claim to be a quick-fix fat loss solution. They are promoted as ‘fat loss supplements’. This makes it hard to know which supplement is actually going to do you some good and how to make the best choice. This guide explains […]