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"I have been following Tri-Plan for 6 weeks and have seen a huge difference. I have been training for years but have always struggled to get in great shape. I saw results instantly and feel miles better."

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"I started Tri-Plan 6 months ago and have lost over 4 stone in this time. I only set out to lose a stone so I would feel better in my clothes, but after just 3 weeks I'd hit my target so I carried on."

What is the Tri-Plan?

Developed by Sam Witter, celebrity personal trainer, nutritionist and health guru.

Tri-Plan starts with a 90-day health and fitness programme that guides you via an online portal.

The plan is a unique combination of the 3 elements needed to live a healthy lifestyle - exercise, nutrition and strength of mind.


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Tri-Plan's exercise programme has been specifically designed to help you burn fat and get fit, always achieving maximum results.

All exercises have been developed so that you can do them either at home or in the gym.Get Results Today.

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The Tri-Plan is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change.

The Tri-Plan has been created to dispel some of the myths that are out there and to educate you about the right way to eat in order to see real changes in terms of losing weight and staying healthy.

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Tri-Plan will help you to lose weight and get fit through changing your approach to nutrition and exercise.

The key to success is to identify the causes of a poor diet from a psychological perspective, whether it be stress at work, in relationships or with your lifestyle. You can then find ways of shifting your focus and learning to break these triggers.

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More Success Stories

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"I started using the Tri-Plan 4 months ago and have lost 2 and a half stone. I was really struggling with what to eat and meal ideas, the Tri-Plan gave me lots of ideas and made my food interesting again"

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"By following the Tri-Plan with I have lost over 6 and a half stone. Sam's Tri-Plan has transformed how I think about food and has motivated me to change my lifestyle."

What You Get


You will get over 150 tasty, easy-to-prepare recipes that will get you lean. These include delicious meals such as protein pancakes, homemade lamb burgers, tasty smoothies and more.

Training Videos

Our exercise videos will push your body to its limits, by combining metabolic and interval training. This training will result in your body burning fat not just while you're exercising, but for up to 72 hours afterwards.

A Proven Plan

After being tried and tested on many celebrities, the Tri-Plan is now available to everyone. The only criteria you need to meet is that you are willing to commit and you want to make a change in your lifestyle.

Celebrities Are Using This Plan

Even More Success

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"I have trained for years and thought I was eating well but never got the results I desired. This is when I stared Tri-Plan, within a matter of weeks I started to see a change in my body. Just by changing a few simple things in my diet I saw a huge difference. I would recommend the plan to anyone."

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"Sam has totally changed my life. I had tried all the diets possible, yet failed to achieve my goal even after sticking to them. Once I started Tri-Plan with Sam I really enjoyed what I was eating and saw results straight away which motivated me to carry on. 12 months down the line and I have lost 28kg."

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